My name's Elisabeth, but you can call me Sunshine. Welcome to my website! It's rather empty now, but I hope to add more to it in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy!

My favorite time of year is Spring, and I want my website to show this.

My interests include birdwatching, gardening and playing the piano. I like calm music and soft textures. I also collect teddybears and seashells. I love to walk through places of natural beauty, like beaches and forests.

Bookmarks are called bookmarks in order to remind us that we are all reading a never-ending book called the World Wide Web

I do not use the computer very frequently, so don't expect regular updates.

My favorite animal is the cat, because they are so soft and cuddly, with hearts of gold! I have three, Blossom, Cherry and Kurtis. They live indoors as to not attack the local wildlife. If my cats went out, I would have not birds to watch and feed!

People usually don't realise how truly special and wonderful teddybears are, but I think they're an important part of growing up, and seeing what kind of person someone is. A person who treats a teddybear with kindness has a pure heart.

Feel free to message me at any time.

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